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8 Juni 2012

Happy Birthday Uruha the GazettE

Lihat kalender, di Jepang saat ini sudah masuk tanggal 9 Juni 2012. Itu artinya, gitaris the GazettE yang satu ini usianya sudah bertambah 1 tahun ^^

these are some facts about him

Real Name : Takashima Kouyou (高島 宏陽) - Uruha (麗)
taka-高 - high/expensive
shima-島- island
takashima-高島- high island..
Kou- 宏- large/immense/grandious..
You-陽 - sunlight/ yang(from ying and yang)/ the positive
Kouyou-宏陽- a large pozitivism,immense sunlight

Uruha - 麗- charming/graceful/elegant ; it's the 2nd kanji from the word" beautiful' –

Birthplace : Kanagawa Prefecture (Shounan District) , 9 June 1981
Blood Type: O
Height: 177cm
Weight: 62kg
Hobbies: billiard, pachinko, bowling, soccer
Cigarette: Marlboro Menthol Light
Family: Parents, two older sisters
Ring size: 19
Favorite Drink: Smirnoff, MOET & CHANDON
Favorite Food: Mentai Korokke Bento
Favorite brand: PPFM ,CHROME HEARTS, Rude gallery , Docomo
Perfume: Gucci Rushes, Bvlgari
Blog :

- Whe he was a child, he was called "Shima"
- In an interview, Uruha said he stopped smoking.
- Uruha accidentally dropped his apartment keys in a manhole while he was taking a walk one day before his birthday. [Arena 37 - November 2008 and other interviews]
- He tried to practice snowboarding. [Neo Genesis vol 32]
- Uruha said he often goed to drink with Shin and Akiya from Kagrra, [Pre PSC Tour 09 - Music Japan+]
- Uruha has a "pet plant" named Pakira-chan [Uruha blog]
- Once he went to Mötley Crüe with Kai. [Arena37C Special vol.56]
- When he moved to Tokyo, one of the most important things that he brought with him was his washing machine [Uruha's Handbook]
- His sister told him he looks like Hideaki Takizawa, and he was very happy about it.
- Uruha is obsessed by Rookies manga and forced Reita to read it too. [FC blog]
- When bothered with something, he drink rum and listen Rock. [FC blog]
- In his blog he once presented an iPod device which you can strap to your arm, so you can go jogging with it and it will not only play music but also count the calories you burn or something. It showed that he ran for 30 minutes - and he also explained he could therefore drink two beers. [FC blog]
- When he was little he often hid under his mom's skirt [100QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]
- If he has to be somebody else in the band, he would be Kai to make lunch boxes to the others. [100QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]
- He always have Coke in his fridge [100QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]
- Sleeps in T-shirts and boxers[100QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]
- Drinks sport drinks on stage [100QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]
- Once he was chased by a yakuza [100QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]
- He thinks champagne is too low [RCE Bonus Disc]
-He just have one acoustic guitar which was bought recently... he's used rented before. [RCE Bonus Disc]
- His first guitar was a Horizon- Grass Rots, black when he was still in the high school. It was a parent’s gift. [RCE Bonus Disc]
-He learned guitar watching band videos with friends. [RCE Bônus Disc]
His favorite animals are domestic ducks, penguins, dogs and white bears (I think that's a polar bear)
He loves to challenge people on his gameboy advanced
He hates eating olives

Uruha has a total of nine piercing, five on his left ear and four on his right ear

He used to work at a vegetable shop
His favourite colours are grey and purple
He also likes to go bowling
Homesickness ~ Sometimes, when on tours or away from home, poor little Uruha-chan suffers from homesickness
Mars ~ Uruha wants to migrate to Mars
Presents ~ Uruha once said that receiving presents from fans is very important to him
Teasing ~ Uruha said that teasing Kai is popular among the members
Uruha like Sugizo(Luna Sea)
Vodka ~ Uruha loves to drink Smirnoff...he's a vodkaholic

Uruha sleeps until someone wakes him up (but he hates being woken up). But if no one does, he won't get up. He's glued to his bed.
Occasions: If it's a tour, Kai will wake him up because he's the only one awake.
If it's normal day, Reita calls him.
He drinks soymilk. he just drinks it every morning. And Reita gets irritated because he thinks Uruha is showing off when he does that.

Depends on what they're doing, but Uruha tends to sometimes sleep during the day when he's not doing anything. Like in studio or something. And if he's not sleepy, he'll:
a. Bring in games to play or play with others
b. Bring a dvd to watch
After a good days work, he goes to a family restaurant to eat
-he admits this is bad, but if he can't get to sleep, he'll drink a bit and then he can go to sleep

-he hates it when people ignore him on purpose

he actually doesn't really like it when he has to show his thighs

- is a proud uncle (he has 2 nephews)
- thinks he looks smart in glasses
- hates being ignored when he is talking
- looks at the person on the inside before he judges on them
- he was made fun of in school because of his lips
- used to work in a grocery store
- met reita through soccer club/team at school
- fights with reita over food
- when sleeping over at the others places, he usually steals their beds, making them sleep on the floor or couch.

Previous Band Info :
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the GazettE [麗, Uruha]

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