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26 Mei 2012

Happy Birthday Reita "the GazettE"

Now is May 27th (JST), so~ let's say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY Reita-san!!!!!" ^__^/

and these are some facts about him :D
Real Name : Suzuki Akira (鈴木 亮) means: Suzuki- wood bell, and akira - clear/obvious
Birthplace : Kanagawa , 27 May 1981
Blood Type: A
Height: 172cm
Weight: 55kg
Favorite Colors: purple, red, white
Hobbies: watching movies
Brand: Cropped head, Lock
Cigarette: Marlboro Mild Seven Lights
Family: Mother, grandmother, older sister
Blog :

- Reita was born in 27th May, in Kanagawa. [Shoxx December 2003]

- His blood type is A. [Shoxx December 2003]

- When he was a kid, was called by "Ue-chan" [Shoxx December 2003]

- Sleeps with underwear. [Shoxx December 2003]

- Reita dreamed he was the vocalist and he was singing with Ruki in a twin vocal. (xD) [Shoxx December 2003]

- Reita worked in a Bread shop and Sweets shop. [Shoxx December 2003]

- He doesn't like vegetables! [Shoxx December 2003]

- He thinks the best animal to represent him: cheetah [100 QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]

- The most stubborn one in the band.[100 QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS and RCE Bonus Disc]

- He would be Aoi for one day, because he can speak 3 dialects. [100 QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]

- He doesn't really likes Kai's cooking (once he said it's to sweet to him) [100 QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]

- He always have Barley tea and pudding in his fridge. [100 QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]

- He said the biggest mischief he gotten into was he threw rubbish under Ruki's bed. [100 QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]

- Stage drink: Sport drink or something like that [100 QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]

- Prefered type: Someone to settle down with, a devoted, giving, kind, feminine person. [100 QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]

- Doesn't like vulgar persons. [100 QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]

- If he could choose if he should be a man or a woman in his next life, he would man again, because female relationships seem to be messed up to him. [100 QUESTIONS - SHOXX BIS]

- Once he quit smoking, but after one year he got back to it again (Radio Jack with Reita)

- His nephew was once attacked by crows (Reita- Radio Jack)

He has Harley and likes to drive it
- He's TV junkie
- He believes in reincarnation.

His favourite season is spring
Reita doesn't wear perfume
He doesn't like Kai's cooking but said that he couldn't cook XD
He likes eating Kit-kats and spaghetti
Reita loves watching movies

People used to call Reita 'Bonkura' when he was means blockheaded
Bugs ~ Reita HATES them (especially mosquitos)
Face-off ~ Reita's favorite movie of all time
Initial D ~ Reita's favorite comic
Macho ~ Reita would like to be macho in 5 years time...and more macho in 10 years time

Meat ~ *giggles* Reita said he gets excited in front of the meat store x]
Nose band ~ This is Reita's trademark always mistaken for not having a nose. Although he can be quite quiet, Reita sometimes reveals his mad side and sends the fangirls crazy...and don't forget the pokey pokey dance!!
Sleep ~ Reita and Kai both find lack of sleep the worst thing on tours...and Kai always moans 'sleepy'

- the last known girlfriend of reita, broke up with him because he couldn't be with her all the time when the band was beginning to get popular. This apparently broke his heart and he was in a state of depression for a month. (This may be a rumor)
- Wanted to be a soccer player when he was little.
- hates vegetables, mushrooms, shellfish, and kai's cooking
- He hates sweets except for pudding, cake and kit kats.

- He has 2 piercings; one on the right ear, and one on the left.

- He loves The sex pistols and collects DVDs and everything that has something to do with the Sex Pistols.

- He used to work in a bread shop and a sweet shop.

- He sleeps in his underwear lol...

- He is a couch potato in his free time and apparently has a facination with porn...

- He thinks his nose is the most unattractive thing on his body.

- He wonders a lot about the next day...

- He's a stubborn guy.

- Favorite season is spring.
- His eyesight is 1.5.
- His shoe size is 26cm/10.23 inches.

- His childhood nickname was "Uechan"
- Compares himself to a cheetah
- met uruha in soccer club/team in school
-Reita and Tora (Alice Nine) they are best friend

- is the instigator of the band and likes to play tricks.

- fell off the bullet train as a kid

- Reita's really worried how long he's going to have to hide his nose...that's his biggest concern

Previous Band info :
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the GazettE [れいた, Reita]

credit: THE GAZETTE !!

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