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31 Agustus 2012

Ada Pesan dari Kamijo

Vocalist  Versailles, Kamijo mempublikasikan sebuah pesan terjemahan berisi nasihat agar fansnya tidak melanggar hak cipta konten yang termuat dalam website Versailles. Kamijo dan Versailles, menyediakan (video?) interview, photo, dan video behind the scene bagi yang membeli akun di official site mereka. Namun sayangnya beberapa materi dipublikasikan di Internet oleh fans. Untuk alasan ini lah Kamijo menyampaikan berita berikut ini:

REASONI’ve received lots of messages about my “Onegai (Please do me afavor)” text. Many thanks.
Did I sound a bit too harsh?No, I didn’t mean to be harsh at all.But I’ve come to realize that my explanation was insufficient and thatI have to explain it fully for you to understand what I mean.First of all, I always thank all of you and street teams in everycountry who continuously support us by rendering our info and newsinto your languages and by posting them on your websites and/or blogs.That really helps spread my band and our info to the world, which isnothing but wonderful! I really appreciate that a lot! m(k)mThe main reason why I decided to post the “Onegai” text is that I gota message saying, “I’m going to translate the column in ____ magazine,put it on my website and spread it to the world.” It’s great that theperson wants to spread us to the world. But there’s a big problem. Allthe interviews/texts/info appear in any magazine belong to itspublisher and they are called “copyrighted work.” If you translate anycopyrighted work without the publisher’s permission, it’s called a“breach of copyright.” As you know, it’s against the law. I justcouldn’t let it pass because I knew one of our great fans was about todo something illegal. Those publishers run our interviews and info intheir magazines just because they support us as much as all of youfans out there do. We are all in the same family circle of Versaillesand we care them and you fans equally. So please ask the publisher forpermission first before you start working on the translation.
I’m writing what I wanted to say in my “Onegai” text here again tomake it clear:Please do not reprint, translate or post all the copyrighted workbelongs to our management, record company, and band such as music,visuals, photographs, website contents, pictures in our CD artworksand photo collection books.

What is free to reprint, translate and post is promotional photos/infoon our official website, texts in our blogs open to public in additionto my tweets and photos on my twitter and facebook. You are absolutelywelcome to utilize them on your websites or blogs. Feel free to dowhatever you think is good for us.

Closed info and our websitecontents exclusively for registered fan club members are not included.And please remember, all the translated texts and info about usrendered by our fans are personal interpretation of the translator.Both translators and readers, please keep that in mind.Regarding all the copyrighted work such as magazine contents, I leavea decision up to the magazine publishers. So please contact themfirst.

Regarding the texts and info for KAMIJO World members only, reprintand translation are basically prohibited. If you are a KAMIJO Worldmember and if you want to translate for other members who don’t readJapanese, please post the translated text on comment space. It’s agood suggestion from some members and I think it works well in thiscase. I hope to create our ideal world together with all of you byexchanging good ideas and express things honestly. Thank you!KAMIJO

source: JPopAsia

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